Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 18, 2016

Simon Edwardsen (Tenor) (Fredrikstad, Norway 1892 - Stockholm, Sweden 1985)

From 1915 to 1919 he was a pupil of Poul Bang in Copenhagen. In 1919 he began his stage career and first he appeared at smaller opera societies in Denmark and Norway. In the 1925-1927 seasons he sang at the Stora Theater in Gothenburg, from 1927 to 1950 he was a member of the Royal Opera in Stockholm. In the 1951-1955 seasons he was engaged by the National Theater in Reykjavik, from 1953 to 1954 he performed at the National Opera Helsinki. In the 1960-1961 season again he was a soloist of the Rikstheater in Stockholm. During his engagement at the Stockholm Opera he was  active also as director. His repertoire included Pedrillo in ‘’Entführung aus dem Serail’’, Mime and  Loge in ‘’Ring-Zyklus’’, Monostatos in ‘’Zauberflöte’’ etc.

Chronology of some appearances

1925-1927 Gothenburg Stora Theater
1927-1950 Stockholm Royal Opera
1951-1955 Reykjavik National Theater
1953-1954 Helsinki National Opera
1960-1961 Stockholm Rikstheater


HMV, København 1923-03-27
Sollys (Storm) X1804 BE1047

HMV, Stockholm 1934-02-08
Marie-Luise (Meisel) X4243 (30-11657)

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