Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 18, 2016

Emma Juch (Soprano) (Vienna, Austria 4. 7. 1863 † New York City, USA 6. 3. 1939)

She was born  Emma Antonia Joanna Juch Wellman. She received her education by Mme Murio-Celli in Detroit and made her debut in 1881 as a member of the Mapleson opera troupe at the Her Majesty's Theatre in London as Philine in "Mignon" of A. Thomas.  The same year she sang at the New York Academy of Music. In 1884-1887 she was a member of the Theodore Thomas’s Opera Company. In the 1887-1888 season she travelled with the National Opera Company in the USA. From 1888 to 1891 she undertook guest performance tours with own traveling opera company ‘’The Juch Grand Opera Company’’, through the United States and through Mexico. Later she was active as concert soprano and for the last time she sang at the New York singer's party (1894). In 1905 she married the lawyer Francis L. Wellman from whom later she separated. Chronology of some appearances - Jemmy 1/10/1882, Marguerite de Valois 1/12/1882, Philine 1/16/1882, Lady Harriet Durham 1/17/1882, Erster Knabe 1/19/1882, Euridice 4/26/1886, Elsa von Brabant 4/29/1886, Marguerite 11/15/1886, Euridice 11/16/1886, Senta 11/19/1886, Marguerite 1/22/1887, Chrysa 11/07/1887, Elsa von Brabant 11/09/1887, Marguerite 11/11/1887, 2/04/1888, 10/21/1889, Carmen 10/23/1889, Mignon 10/25/1889, Carmen 5/05/1890, Mignon 5/07/1890, Marguerite 5/09/1890, Arline 5/10/1890, Elsa von Brabant 11/10/1890, Selika 11/12/1890, Senta 11/13/1890, Arline 11/15/1890, Santuzza 11/23/1891, Gilda 11/24/1891, Marguerite 11/26/1891, Elisabeth 11/27/1891, Arline 11/28/1891 (in Filadelfia) Judah, Catherine Ruth 11/30/1942, Little Buttercup 12/1/1942, Katisha 12/2/1942, Queen of (Filadelfia) the fairies 12/2/1942, The duchess of Plaza-Toro 12/3/1942, The lady (Filadelfia) Jane 12/4/1942, Katisha 11/15/1943, Little Buttercup 11/17/1943, Ruth (Filadelfia) 11/20/1943 (Filadelfia).

In 1904 she made five records for Victor.

1881 London Her Majesty's Theatre
1884-1887 Theodore Thomas’s Opera Company
1887-1888 National Opera Company
1888-1891 The Juch Grand Opera Company


Victor, New York 1904-05-07
Messiah (Händel): Come unto Him 81046 B1291
Lohengrin (Wagner): Einsam in trüben Tagen 85033 C1293
Serenata (Tosti) 85034 C1294

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