Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 17, 2014

Gaudio Mansueto (Bass) (Vignale Torinese 1873 - Santiago de Chile 1941)

He was one of the best italian basses of his time. He studied singing under Nicola Lentini in Milan and made his debut in 1893 at the Teatro Politeama Genovese of Genova in ‘’Traviata’’. Already in 1900 he appeared at the Teatro Alla Scala and sang there under A. Toscanini in R. Wagner’s ‘’Tristano e Isotta’’. Here he sang also in the 1904-05 season. In 1904 he undertook for the first time with the opera troop of Padovani a tour through Chile. A year earlier he made guest appearance in Odessa and later sang also in St. Petersburg (1910).  In the 1908-09 season he appeared at the Teatro Real in Madrid and in 1911 at the Teatro Liceo in Barcelona. On  22. 4. 1915 he performed in the opening season of the Teatro Nacional in Havana as Ramphis in ‘’Aida’’. The same part he also sang in the first festival at Arena di Verona (1913). In the 1916-17 and 1921-22 seasons he again appeared at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milano under A. Toscanini, who estimated his voice very. He retired from the stage in 1930 and went to Santiago de Chile. He made nine records for Gramophone (1907/1919).

Chronology of some appearances

1893 Genova Teatro Politeama Genovese 
1900 Milano Teatro Alla Scala
1904-1905 Milano Teatro Alla Scala
1904 Odessa Teatro Municipale
1908-1909 Madrid Teatro Real
1910 St. Petersburg Nuovo Conservatorio
1911 Barcelona Teatro Liceo
1913 Arena di Verona
1915 Havana Nacional
1916-1917 Milano Teatro Alla Scala
1921-1922 Milano Teatro Alla Scala


G&T, Milano 1907-09?
Mosè (Rossini): Preghiera with Maria Alexina 054185 1387c
Stabat Mater (Rossini): Eja mater 052237 1388c

Gramophone, Milano 1909-04-10
Mefistofele (Boito): Folletto, folletto with Gennaro de Tura & chorus  54408 13074b

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