Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 31, 2014

Fernand Ansseau (Tenor) ( Boussu-Bois, Mons 1890 - Bruxelles 1972)

He studied singing with Désiré Demest and Ernest van Dijk in Brussels and made his debut in 1913 in Dijon as Jean in ‘’Hérodiade’’ of J. Massenet. 

Chronology of some appearances

Hérodiade-Dijon, Municipal, 1913 - Carmen-Dijon, Municipal, 1913-4 - Cavalleria rusticana-Dijon, Municipal, 1913-4 - La Favorite-Dijon, Municipal, 1913-4 - Rigoletto-Dijon, Municipal, 1913-4 - Faust-Dijon, 1913-4 - Louise-Dijon, 1913-4 - Les Barbares-Dijon, 1913-4 - Paillasse-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - Samson et Dalila-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - Messaline-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - Manon-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - Werther-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - Tosca-Brussels, Th. Des galeries, 1914-8 - La Muette de Portici-Brussels, Monnaie, 1918 - Roméo et Juliette-Brussels, Monnaie, 1918-20 - Alceste-Brussels, Monnaie, 1918-20 - Aida-Brussels, Monnaie, 1918-20 - Les contes d'Hoffmann-Monte Carlo, Garnier, 12 February 1921 - La damnation de Faust-Monte Carlo, Garnier, 15 February 1921 - Orphée-Paris, Opéra-Comique, 11 October 1921 - Le cantique des cantiques-Monte Carlo, Garnier, 18 February 1922 - Lohengrin-Paris, Opéra, 1922 - Tannhäuser-Paris, Opéra, 1922 - Grisélidis-Paris, Opéra, 29 November 1922 - Monna Vanna- Chicago, Auditorium, 1923 - L'amour des trois rois- Chicago, Auditorium, 1924-5 - Resurrection- Chicago, Auditorium, 1925-6 - Sapho- Chicago, Auditorium, 1927-8 - La force du destin-Brussels, Monnaie, 24 October 1931 - Judas Macchabée-Brussels, Palais des Beaux-Arts, 1935.


HMV, London 1919-07-21
Manon (Massenet): En fermant les yeux (Le rêve) 2-032060, DB486

HMV, London 1919-07-25
Werther (Massenet): O Nature 2-032039 DB485

HMV, London 1920-06-09
Hérodiade (Massenet): Ne pouvant reprimer 2-032056 DB623
Aubade (Mattinata) (Redhegiere) 2-032055 Ho4428-2af

HMV, London 1920-06-29
Werther (Massenet): Pourquoi me réveiller 7-32036 DA427
Joseph (Méhul): Champs paternels 2-032057 DB482

HMV, Paris 1922-11-21
Africaine (Meyerbeer): O paradis 7-32077 DA427

HMV, Paris 1923-02-26
Damnation de Faust (Berlioz): Nature immense 2-032072 DB487
Lohengrin (Wagner): Ah, respirons 7-32078, DA614

HMV, Paris 1923-03-02
Orphée et Eurydice (Gluck): J'ai perdu mon Eurydice 2-032069x DB487

HMV, Paris 1924-03-21
Panis angelicus (Franck) 2-032085 DB782

HMV, Paris 1924-10-01
La procession (Franck) 2-032086 DB782

HMV, Paris 1924-10-02
Werther (Massenet): Oui, c'est moi with Sadoven 2-034034 DB783
Werther (Massenet): N'achevez pas with Sadoven 2-034035 DB783

HMV, London 1926-06-29
Roméo et Juliette (Gounod): Ah, lève-toi, soleil DB951 2-032104
Roméo et Juliette (Gounod): Salut, tombeau DB951 2-032103

HMV, London 1927-06-15
Tosca (Puccini): Recondita armonia DA898 7-52378

HMV, Paris 1927-10-11
Carmen (Bizet): Je suis Escamillo with Journet DB1098 2-034043
Carmen (Bizet): La fleur DB1098 2-032123

HMV, Paris 1927-10-12
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo): Vesti la giubba DB1097 2-052352
Pagliacci (leoncavallo): No, Pagliaccio non son DB1097 2-052353

HMV, Paris 1927-11-12
Carmen (Bizet): Parle-moi de ma mère with Heldy  DB1115 2-034044
Carmen (Bizet): Qui sait de quel démon with Heldy DB1115 2-034045
Manon (Massenet): Toi! Vous! with Heldy DB1410 2-034046

HMV, Paris 1929-09-2?
Monna Vanna (Février): Air de Prinzivalle DA1064 30-1526
Monna Vanna (Février): Elle est à moi (Air de la main) DA1064 30-1527

HMV, Paris 1929-09-27
Faust (Gounod): Mais ce Dieu with Journet DB1364 2-034048
Faust (Gounod): Ici je suis with Journet DB1364 32-841

HMV, Paris 1930-02/03
Faust (Gounod): Alerte! Alerte! with Heldy & Journet DB1609 32-1287
Manon (Massenet): N'est ce plus ma main? with Heldy DB1410 32-1303

HMV, Paris 1930-06?
Muette de Portici (Auber): L'amour sacré with Servais E560 30-3865

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  1. I am a huge fan of Ansseau's singing...and as someone who has performed the 1774 Paris version of Gluck's Orphée, his unexpected recording of "J'ai perdu" is revelatory and glorious! I see here in the listed chronology that he sang an "Orphée" in 1921 at the Opéra-Comique. Could you please clarify which "Orphée" is being referred? I've been looking through the archives of the Opéra-Comique and there is no evidence of Gluck or Offenbach's Orphée being presented in that year. It was also to my knowledge that the first 20th Century revival of that version of the Gluck opera was not until 1952 with the live performances given by Nicolai Gedda at Aix-en-Provence and the Canadian TV production the same year with Léopold Simoneau. It would be wonderful to know if Ansseau did ever perform the Gluck in its entirety. I would be also interested to know if he chose to transpose some of the higher-lying tessituras. Thanks for any information!