Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 23, 2014

Georgette Bréjean-Silver (Soprano) (Paris 1870 - Courbevois 1951)

Her real name was Georgette-Amélie Sisout. She was trained at the Paris Conservatoire, where she was a pupil of Mangin and Crosti. She made her debut in 1890 at the Opera House of Bordeaux in which she appeared among other things in the local premières of the operas ‘’Sapho’’ and ‘’Esclarmonde’’of J. Massenet. In 1894 she joined to the Opéra-Comique in Paris (still under the name Mme Bréjean-Gravières), where she sang the role of Manon in J. Massenet’s opera of the same name. This was her star role. She sang on 24 .5. 1899 at the Opéra-Comique in the premiere of  J. Massenet’s ‘’Cendrillon’’ in the role of fairy. At Monte Carlo she performed in 1895 in J.  Massenet’s ‘’Manon’’' and ''Lakme'' by L. Delibes, in 1896 as Marguerite de Valois in ‘’Gli Ugonotti' of G. Meyerbeer and as Leila in ‘’Pêcheurs de perles’’ of G. Bizet. Later she appeared at the Théâtre de la Monnaie in  Brussels. Her repertoire included roles like Angéla in ‘’Le Domino nor’’ of D. Auber, Philine in ‘’Mignon’’ of A.Thomas, Euridice in ‘’Orpheus’’of C. W. Gluck, Rosina in ‘’Barbierei di Siviglia’’, Mathilde in G. Rossini’s ‘’Wilhelm Tell’’ and Rosenn in ‘’Le Roi d'Ys’’ of E. Lalo. Then she lived as a pedagogue in Paris. In the first marriage she was married with the manager of the Opera House of Bordeaux Mr Gravières, in the second marriage with the composer Charles Silver. 

Chronology of some appearances

1890 Bordeaux  Opera House
1894 Paris Opéra-Comique
1895 Monte Carlo Opera House
1896 Monte Carlo Opera House
1899 Paris Opéra-Comique


Fonotipia, Paris 1904/5
Rigoletto (Verdi): Caro nome 39325 Xph 624
Pêcheurs de perles (Bizet): Comme autrefois dans la nuit sombre 56005 Xph 625
Boheme (Puccini): On m'appelle Mimi 39181 Xph 650
Manon (Massenet): Oui, dans les bois (Fabliau) 39225 Xph 679
Faust (Gounod): Laisse-moi…Eternelle…O nuit d'amour with Emile Scaramberg 86001  XXph 691
Romeo et Juliette (Gounod): Ange adorable 56051 Xph 728

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