Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 16, 2015

Joachim Sattler (Tenor) (August 21, 1899 Affoltersbach, Germania; died July 15, 1984 Affoltersbach, Germania)

First he was an elementary teacher. His voice was discovered by Siegfried Wagner and was trained by Carl Beines in Darmstadt. There he appeared for the first time on the stage as young sailor in ‘’Tristan und Isolde’’. He made his real debut in 1926 at the Opernhaus in Wuppertal as Claudio in R. Wagner’s "Liebesverbot".

Chronology of some appearances

1926-1929 Wuppertal Opernhaus
1928-1929 Bayreuth Festival
1929-1937 Darmstadt Opernhaus
1929 Paris Théâtre of the Champs-Élysées
1931 Bayreuth Festival
1931 Amsterdam Opera
1934 Amsterdam Opera
1935 Vienna Staatsoper
1937-1941 Hamburg Staatsoper
1937 Budapest Opera
1938 Paris Grand Opéra
1939-1941 Dresden Staatsoper
1941-1944 Vienna Staatsoper
1941 Paris Grand Opéra
1941-1942 Zoppot Festival
1947-1950 Hamburg Staatsoper
1950 Milano La Scala
1957 Kassel Opernhaus


Siegfried (Wagner): Schmiedelied 67923 A LM 
Siegfried (Wagner): Schmiedelied 67923 B LM 
Die Meistersinger (Wagner): Am stillen Herd 67926 A LM
Die Meistersinger (Wagner)Preislied 67926 B LM
Siegfried (Wagner): Waldweben, Monolog 2 67924 B LM
Siegfried (Wagner): Waldweben, Monolog 1 67924 A LM

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