Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jul 13, 2015

Adolf Löltgen (Loeltgen) (Tenor) (16. April 1881 Remscheid, † 29. Mai 1968 Dresden)



He received his education at the Berlin Conservatory under Nikolaus Rothmühl. Later, at Milan, he was a pupil of Giuseppe Borgatti. In 1908 he made his debut at the  Stadttheater in Barmen as Siegmund in "Walküre". In 1930 he began work in Dresden as a vocal pedagogue. His son, Friedemann Loeltgen, was a musical pedagogue and conservatoire manager. His repertoire included Tristan, Lohengrin, Siegfried, Otello, Radames in ‘’Aida’’, Manrico in ‘’Trovatore’’ etc.

 Chronology of some appearances

1908-1911 Barmen Stadttheater
1911-1915 Dresden Hofoper
1915-1922 Breslau  Opernhaus
1916-1930 Mannheim  Nationaltheater


Vox, Berlin
Die Berge glüh'n im Sonnenschein (Bohm) 3363 1617B

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  1. Dear Mr. Arakelyan,
    I'm the great-grandson of Adolf Loeltgen. If you want to come in contact with me, please just let me know.
    All the best,
    Philipp Sonnemann