Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 16, 2015

Holger Hansen (Bass/Baritone)

9 January 1920 Concert: Odd Fellow Palace Grand Ballroom, Copenhagen. Holger is one of the singers at a benefit concert for an influenza-stricken singer; he sings songs and also Gluntarne (the latter with Lauritz Melchior).
February 1920 Provincial Concert Tour, Sjaelland. Melchior and Holger Hansen; they sing opera arias & duets, and Gluntarne.
6 April 1921 Concert: Wigmore Hall, London. Gluntarne, Wennerberg's comedic Swedish song cycle with Lauritz Melchior
8 June 1921 Concert: Wigmore Hall, London. Melchior gives a repeat performance of Wennerberg's Gluntarne song cycle, again with Lauritz Melchior, and Harold Craxton at the piano.


Polyphon, København 1920-12
742ar Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Slottsklockan with Lauritz Melchior 84316 742½ar
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Avskedet på Flottsund with Lauritz Melchior 84317 743ar 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Dagen därpå with Lauritz Melchior 84307 772ar 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): En solnedgång i Eklundshofsskogen with Lauritz Melchior 084031 314as 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Glunten på föreläsning with Lauritz Melchior 84318 744ar 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Magisterns misslyckade serenad with Lauritz Melchior 084032 313as 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Nattmarschen i Sankt Eriks gränd with Lauritz Melchior 84320 746ar 
Gluntarne (Wennerberg): Uppsala är bäst with Lauritz Melchior 84319 745ar 

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