Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 11, 2015

Germaine Martinelli (Soprano) (Paris, France 13. 9. 1887 - Paris, France 8. 4. 1964)

She studied singing under Jean Lassalle, Jean Bourbon, Grandubert and A. Petit. She made her debut debut in 1908 in Paris under her maiden name Germaine Jobert. Then she married the actor Charles Martinelli and appeared since then under this name. Since 1912, first in France, then also in other European countries, she had a successful career as a concert singer. In Paris she appeared as a soloist at the Concerts Lamoureux, den Concerts Pasdeloup and Concerts du Conservatoire. She travelled around Holland, Belgium, Switzerland and Spain. In 1936 she had аt the Grand Opéra in Paris a huge success as Marguerite in ‘’La damnation de Faust’’ of H. Berlioz. She worked in Paris also in the educational area. Her son, Jean Martinelli, was engaged as an actor by the Comédie Fran¢aise in Paris.

Chronology of appearance

1936 Paris Grand Opéra La damnation de Faust (Marguerite)


Aida (Verdi): Vers Nous Reviens Vainqueur 566112
La Damnation de Faust (Berlioz): Autrefois un roi de Thulé 566040
La Damnation de Faust (Berlioz): D'amour, l'ardente flamme Polydor 566040
Marie-Magdeleine (Massenet): C'est ici même, à cette place 566100
Otello (Verdi): Ave Maria 566112
Salammbô (Reyer): Air Des Colombes 566056
Werther (Massenet): Air des Larmes 561065

Lohengrin (Wagner): Ah! si de tol j'étais plus digne with Thill CLX 1930-1
la Walkyrie (Wagner): Siegmund suis-je with Till LFX 220
Lohengrin (Wagner): Grand Dieu! Crainte soudaine! with Till CLX 1931-1
Maîtres chanteurs de Nuremberg (Wagner): Oui, c'est vous ! with Thill LFX 373

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