Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 15, 2015

Helge Nissen (Baritone) ( 5 September 1871, Rydhave ved Holstebro – 5 October 1926, Copenhagen)

                                                              Hans Sachs

He studied singing under the pedagogue L. Rosenfeld in  Copenhagen and made his debut in 1897 at the Royal Opera in Copenhagen as Mefistofele in ‘’Faust’’. Here, On 11. 11. 1906, he sang in the premiere of the opera ‘’Maskarade’’ by Carl Nielsen. He gave guest performances at the Royal Opera in Stockholm (1905) and in other Scandinavian opera houses. In 1909 he performed at Covent Garden in London. Nissen also sang repertoire of bass. In 1911,  together with the student choir of the university of Copenhagen, he undertook a concert tour through North America. In 1911 he became a leader of the opera school of the Copenhagen opera and at the same time director of this theater. He committed suicide in 1926.

Chronology of some appearances

1897 Copenhagen  Royal Opera Faust (Mefistofele)
1905 Stockholm  Royal Opera
1906 Copenhagen  Royal Opera Maskarade
1909 London Covent Garden
1911 North America Tour


G&T, København 1904-12
Don Giovanni (Mozart): Introduction (Notte e giorno) 82056 717d 
Entführung aus dem Serail (Mozart): Osmin's arie (Wer ein Liebchen) 82884 1446e 

G&T, København 1907-09
Julen har bragt velsignet bud (Weyse) 2-82535 3351r

Gramophone, København 1908-09-16
Pêcheurs de perles (Bizet): I templets lyse hal (Au fond du temple saint) with Herold 084013 1596c

Gramophone, København 1908-09-19
Wanderers Nachtlied (Rubinstein) with Herold 84277 11387b

Gramophone, København 1909-08
Forza del destino (Verdi): Nu døden sig nærmer (Solenne in quest'ora) with Herold 084015 117af

Gramophone, København 1912-09-14
Walküre (Wagner): Lev vel (Leb' wohl) 082082 473ac

Gramophone, København 1913-09-13
Julesang (Cantique de Noël) (Adam) 2-82988 5617ab

Parlophon, Berlin 1922-09-14
Paa det jævne (Nielsen) DP1243 2-55565

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