Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 17, 2015

Angelo Laudadio (Tenor) (Malta 1860 ? - France ?)

He started his career as baritone in Italy (1895) and appeared at the provincial operatic stages as the principal artist. Later he changed to tenor and went to France, where, opposite the french soprano Marguerite Hubert,  he participated in concert at the Opera-Comique in Paris (1912), singing arias from ''La Juive'' by F. Halevy. Probably he continued also the career of an opera singer, but this time as Angelio di Laudadio. In France he made some arias for the company Aérophone.

Chronology of some appearances 

1903-1904 Vercelli Teatro Civico ''Tosca'' by G. Puccini with Lina Barberi (Tosca), Luigi De Colli (Mario Cavaradossi) Angelo Laudadio (barone Scarpia), Giorgio Fioretti (Cesare Angelotti)
1905 Malta Teatro Reale ''Frazir'' by Paolino Vassallo with Giovanni Valls (Frazir), Elisa Tromben (Susanna), Angelo De Laudadio (Matteo), Baldo Travaglini (Francesco), and Adolfo Allegri (D’Adorno).
1912 Paris Opéra Comique Concert with Marguerite Hubert

I wish to thank Giovanni Sammarco for providing me this record.


Sigurd (Reyer): Esprits gardiens 1032

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