Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 16, 2014

Julius Bochníček (Tenor) ( Prague 1871 - Prague 1951)

He appeared also under the name Julius Laubner. He received his education in Prague and was engaged (as Julius Laubner) by the choir of the Deutschen Landestheater there. In the 1895-1896 season first he worked as choir trainer at the Municipal Theatre in Stettin and then at the Deutsche Theater in Prague. In 1897 he made his debut in this opera house as a singer. In the 1900-1901 season he apperared in Pilsen and then at the Czech National Theatre in Prague. In 1902 he became a member of the Royal Opera in Budapest, where he remained till 1909. In the future he been active as a conductor and worked till 1923 at the Varieté-Theater in Prague. He was also active as a composer. His repertoire included Hans in ''Verkauften Braut'' by Smetana, Viték in  ''Dalibor'', Faust and Wilhelm Meister in ''Mignon'' of A. Thomas. In 1902 he sang at the Royal Opera in Budapest in the premiere of C. Goldmark's' ''Götz von Berlichingen'' in the role of Franz von Weislingen.

Chronology of some appearances

1897 Prague Deutsche Theater
1900-1901 Pilsen Opera House
1902-1909 Budapest Royal Opera


Zonophone Prague, 1905
Evgeniy Onyegin (Tchaikovsky): Lenski’s aria (Whither, whither have you gone) X-102053 
Dalibor (Smetana): Žalární arie - O Zdeňku X-102617

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