Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 8, 2014

Karl Lang (Tenor) (Waiblingen 1860 - Stuttgart 1925)


His father was a construction inspector, he himself became a bank clerk. Then he studied singing under Dr. Gunz in Frankfurt a. M. and made his debut in 1891 at the Court Theatre in Karlsruhe as Max in ''Freischütz'' of  Weber. Till 1893 he remained in Karlsruhe, sang in the 1893-1894 season at the Municipal Theatre in Wroclaw and was engaged in 1894 by the Court Theatre in Schwerin. He remained in Schwerin till 1914 . Here he sang on 26. 2. 1899 in the premiere of the opera "Der Pfeifertag" by Max von Schillings in the part of the Velten. In 1905 he appeared in Schwerin in the premiere of the opera "Die vernarrte Prinzess" of Oskar von Chelius. In 1903 he made guest appearance at the Berlin Court Opera. In 1903 and 1907 he sang at the Municipal Theatre in Hamburg, in 1911 at the Court Theatre in Coburg. His repertoire included Tannhäuser, Lohengrin, Walther von Stolzing in "Meistersingern", Erik in "Fliegenden Holländer", Siegmund in "Walküre", Hüon in ‘’Oberon’’ by Weber, Canio in ‘’Pagliacci’’, Bran in "Ingwelde" by M. von Schillings and Pedro in "Tiefland" by d'Albert. Later he became a professor in the Stuttgart Musikhochschule.

Chronology of some appearances

1891-1893  Karlsruhe Court Theatre Debut Freischütz (Max)
1893- 1894 Wroclaw Municipal Theatre
1894-1914 Schwerin Court Theatre
1903 Berlin Court Opera
1903 Hamburg Municipal Theatre
1907 Hamburg Municipal Theatre
1911 Coburg Court Theatre


Zonophone, Schwerin 1903?
Das Nachtlager von Granada (C. Kreutzer): Terzett with Margarethe  Burchardt and Hermann Gura X-24144

G&T, Schwerin 1905
Die vernarrte Prinzess (Chelius): Narrenlied 3-42193  37h

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