Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 8, 2014

Hans Breuer (Tenor) (Köln 1868 - Wien 1929)

His real name was Johann Peter Joseph. He was the son of Cologne Cathedral sculptor Peter Breuer. On the advice of the distinguished conductor Franz Wüllner he studied singing under Benno Stolzenberg in Cologne. In addition he perfected his vocal training at the Bayreuth school with Julius Kniese and Cosima Wagner. He made his debut at the Bayreuth Festival in 1894 as comprimario in R. Wagner's ''Lohengrin'' and ''Parsifal''. In 1896 he sang in Bayreuth with great success the role of Mime in ''The Ring of the Nibelung'' by R. Wagner. Till 1914 he appeared annually in Bayreuth. In 1899 he sang there also the role of David in ''Meistersingern''. In the 1896-1897 season he was engaged by the Opera House in Wroclaw. In 1897 he made guest performance tour in North America. In the 1899-1900 season he was a member of the Metropolitan Opera in New York (beginning role: Steuermann in ''Fliegenden Holländer''). At the Metropolitan Opera his repertoire included also Jacquino in ''Fidelio'', Spärlich in ''Lustigen Weibern von Windsor'' by Nicolai, David in ''Meistersingern'', Mime in ''The Ring of the Nibelung'', Melot in ''Tristan und Isolde'' and Walther  in ''Tannhäuser''. He Made guest appearances in 1898 (as  Jacquino) and 1900 (as David) at the Covent Garden in London as well as in 1909 at the Municipal Theatre in Zurich (as Mime). In 1901 appeared at the Court Opera in Berlin (as Mime), in 1906 at the Munich Court Opera (also as Mime). In the 1900-1929 he was a famed member of the Vienna Court Opera. In 1910 at the Mozart Festival in Salzburg he sang the role of Monostatos in the ''Zauberflöte'', in 1922 and 1925 performed there as Basilio in ''Figaros Hochzeit'', in 1928 again as Monostatos in the ''Zauberflöte''. His son was known actor Siegfried Breuer (1906-54) whose godfather had been Siegfried Wagner.

Chronology of some appearances

Der Steuermann Dalands 1/9/191900, David 1/30/191900, Mime 2/6/19/1900, 2/13/191900, Melot 3/6/191900, Ein Hirt 3/6/191900 (in Filadelfia) -  The role of Wagner's Mime was the mainstay of his career.


G&T, Bayreuth 1904-10?
Rheingold (Wagner): Wer hälfe mir (Mimes Erzählung) with Briesemeister 2-42922 1130e 
Siegfried (Wagner): Das ist nun der Liebe... Als zullendes Kind 2-42923 1131e 

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