Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Feb 6, 2014

Luise Perard-Petzl (Soprano) (Kloster Melk 1884 - München 1936)



After her education she had her first success under the name Luise Perard-Theissen at  the Hamburg Opera, where she appeared from 1907 to 1913. In the 1908-09 season she made guest appearances at Covent Garden and sang there till 1913 among other things as Chrysothemis in ‘’Elektra’’ of R. Strauss (1910). She performed also as Elsa in ‘’Lohengrin’’, Gutrune in "Götterdämmerung", Tosca and Aida. She sang in ‘’Tannhäuser’’ of Wagner both parts of the Elisabeth and Venus. In 1913 she alternated at Covent Garden in the première there of the "Rosenkavaliers" with Margarethe Siems in the part of the Marschallin and sang also in the première of the opera "Oberst Chabert" of Hermann Wolfgang von Waltershausen. In 1910 she made guest appearance in Amsterdam performing as Elsa in ‘’Lohengrin’’. In 1913 she was engaged by the Munich State Opera. Here she had till 1920 a successful career. On 16. 11. 1913 she sang in this Opera House in the premiere of the opera ‘’Sulamith’’ of Paul von Klenau. She appeared also as a guest in Berlin (1909), Frankfurt a. M. (1911), Zurich (1914), Brussels (1914) and in Oslo (1920). Later she worked as a singing teacher in Munich.

Chronology of some appearances

1907-1913 Hamburg Opera
1908-1913 London Covent Garden
1910 Amsterdam Opera
1913 Munich State Opera


Gramophone, Berlin 1913-12-01
Aida (Verdi): O Vaterland (Nilarie) 043263 1294s
Trovatore (Verdi): In deines Kerkers tiefe Nacht 043264 1295s
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Ach ich fühl's 043265 1296½s
Ernani (Verdi): Ernani rette mich (Kavatine) 043266 1297s

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