Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Feb 13, 2014

Henrik Drzewiecki (Tenor) (Poland, Kutno 1871 – USA? 1937)

He studied at the University of law in Saint Petersburg by obtaining a doctoral degree. At the same time, he studied at the Conservatory in St. Petersburg. From here he went to Italy, where he studied singing with italian vocal pedagogues. He made his debut at Valencia (Spain) in "Rigoletto" by G. Verdi.  Then he appeared in Venice, Modena, and Livorno (Italy). In 1900 he joinedto the Lwów Theatre, where he performed till 1902. During this period he appeared also in Krakow. After a period in Lviv Opera House he  moved to Grand Theatre in Warsaw. Here for the first time he sang in 1902 in Moniuszko’s ‘’Straszny dwór’’. There he created roles in operas such as: "Halka", "Traviata" and "Faust". He also had guest appearances in Kraków and Lviv. Critics praised his excellent vocal talent. After the First World War he started to work as a lawyer. He was a judge at the County Court in Radom. In the 1920s he was a notary and moved to Las Vegas, where he had a partner in the law firm of notaries. He wrote articles for magazines.

Chronology of appearance

1898? Spain Valencia Opera House
1900-1902 Lwów Opera House
1902 Warsaw Grand Theatre


Edison 2-min cylinders, Warszawa 1905/1906
Janek (Zelenski): Arja 15679

Gramophone, Warszawa
Tosca (Puccini): Aria, act 1  222117 1176
Janek (Zelenski): Gdy Ślub Weźmiesz z Twoim Stachem 2-22886 ?
Straszny Dwór (Moniuszko): Arja z kurantem 222118 1176

Dacapo Record
Halka (Moniuszko): Szumia jodly D25385

Favorite, Warsaw 
Marzenie 1-75721
Dla czego? 1-75722

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