Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Feb 1, 2014

Jane Marignan (Soprano)

She studied singing at the Paris Conservatoire under Melchissèdec, Mangin and other teachers. In 1895 she won the Prix of the Paris Conservatoire and made her debut in the same year at the Opéra-Comique of Paris in the title part of the opera ‘’Galathée’’ of Victor Massé. Then she appeared for some time at French provincial opera houses, but in 1899 again came back to the Opéra-Comique. There she appeared as Eurydice in ‘’Orpheus’’ of Gluck, Donna Elvira in ‘’Don Giovanni’’, Alice Ford in ‘’Falstaff’’ of Verdi, Manon in Massenet’s ‘’Manon’’ and Musetta in Puccini’s ‘’La Bohème’’. Then she undertook tours appearing again at the French provincial opera houses and in 1908 engagement she was engaged by the Théâtre Lyrique of Paris. Probably she retired from the stahe in 1910.

Chronology of some appearances

1895 Paris Opéra-Comique
1899 Paris Opéra-Comique
1908 Paris Théâtre Lyrique


Pathé cylinders & discs, Paris 1905?
Manon (Massenet): Adieu, notre petite table 1004
Jocelyn (Godard): Berceuse 1006
Sapho (Massenet): Ce que j'appelle beau 1017

Pathé, Paris 1906-1908
Zauberflute (Mozart): Ton coeur m'attaend with Belhomme 0206
Mignon (Thomas): Duo des hirondelles with Belhomme 0210
Traviata (Verdi): Ah, de mes larmes with Vigneau 4610
Carmen (Bizet): Si tu m'aimes with Viannenc 4611
Faust (Gounod): Trio final with Albani and Belhomme 0759bis
Galathee (Masse): Aimons, il faut aimer, pt 1 with Belhomme 0212
Galathee (Masse): Aimons, il faut aimer, pt 2 with Belhomme 0213
Thaïs (Massenet): Te souvient-il with Danges  4956 25060

Pathé - APGA, Paris 1910?
Aida (Verdi) Je te revois enfin with Affre P1503 P1503-1
Aida (Verdi) Mourir, ô toi si belle with Affre P1503 P1503-2

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