Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 25, 2014

Pierre D’Assy (Bass) (Liège 1867 – Lyon 1910)

Against the will of his family he studied singing under Jacques Bouhy in Paris. When he appeared there at the Théâtre Porte St. Martin, the manager of the opera house of Lyon heard him and engaged him as the first bass in his opera house, where he made his debut in the 1897-98 season as Cardinal in ‘’La Juive’’ of Halévy. After his successful appearances in Lyon as Sarastro in ‘’Magic flute’’ and in Gounod’s ‘’La Reine de Sheba’’, he was obliged in 1898 to the Théâtre de la Haye in Hague. In 1899 he joined to the ensamble of  the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels and sang as a beginning part there the role of Ramphis in ‘’Aida’’. Till 1907 he belonged to the most successful ensemble members of this famous Belgian opera house. Here in 1902 he appeared in the French première of the opera ‘’La Fiancée de la Mer’’ of Jan Blockx in the part of the Morik; he also sang in the Brussels in the premières of Charpentier’s ‘’Louise’’ (1901), ‘’Pepita Jimenez’’ of d'Albeniz (1905), ‘’Tijl Ulenspiegel’’ (1900) of Jan Blockx, ‘’Martylle’’ of A. Dupuis. He married the opera singer Jeanne Paquot-d'Assy (1878-1959), who also performed in Brussels and engaged with him in 1907 by the Grand Opéra of Paris. His debut role in this opera house was the Hunding in ‘’Die Walkure’’. He died at the height of his career during a guest performance in Lyon.

Chronology of some appearances

1897-98 Lyon Opera House La Juive (Cardinal)
1898 Hague Théâtre de la Haye 
1899-1907 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie  


Gramophone, Paris 1908
Zauberflöte (Mozart): Air de Sarastro 3-32851 6231h
Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Pif, paf, pouf  3-32857 6232h
Mireille (Gounod): Si les filles d'Arles sont reines 032080 830i
Faust (Gounod): Mais ce Dieu with Antonio Rocca 034024 832i
Faust (Gounod): A moi les plaisirs with Antonio Rocca 034025 833i
Faust (Gounod): Choral des épées with Auguez de Montalant, Rocca and Vigneau 3-32875 6499h

Gramophone, Paris 1908-10?
Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Conjuration with Bakkers, Boussagol and chorus 034032 885i
Carmen (Bizet): Votre toast with chorus 032107 886i

Gramophone, Paris 1908-11-05
Chalet (Adam): Dans ce bois de sapins with Georges Regis 034037 0848v

Gramophone, Paris 1908-12-02
Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Bénédiction des poignards with chorus 032108 0865v

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