Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jan 9, 2014

Petr Slovtsov (Tenor) (Village Ustyanskoe, Kansky District, province Eniseysk 1886 – Krasnoyarsk 1934)


He studied at the Moscow Conservatory with Ivan Gord (1909-1912). He appeared on the opera stages of Odessa (1910-1912), Kiev (1912-1914), Saratov (1914), Petrograd (National House, 1915-1918), Nizhny Novgorod (1917), Tomsk, and Ekaterinburg (1918-1919), Irkustsk (1919-1920), Moscow (Bolshoi Theatre 1929, 1932), Sverdlovsk (1930) and Leningrad (1920-30s). From 1928 to 1930 he lived in Krasnoyarsk. Here, togheter with his wife, opera singer M. Rioli, Slovtsov was founded an opera troupe, which is called ‘’Labouring opera collective’’ (1923-1925). Many famous opera singers performed in Slovtov’s opera troupe. Among them was V. Kastorsky, L. Balanovskaya, G. Pirogov and L. Andreeva-Delmas. In his troupe Slovtsov not only sang, but also worked as stage manager and produce different operas – ‘’Faust’’, ‘’Aida’’, ‘’Dubrovsky’’, ‘’Traviata’’. From 1928 to 1934 he was a professor of the Russian University of the Theatre Arts. Slovtsov possessed strong, lyrical voice of a rare beauty, warm,  soft, caressing timbre, amazing breath, a wide range and faultless vocal technique. He was called ‘’Siberian nightingale’’.

 Chronology of some appearances

1910-1912 Odessa Opera House
1912-1914 Kiev Opera House
1914 Saratov Opera House
1915-1918 Petrograd National House
1929 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre 
1932 Moscow Bolshoi Theatre


Pathé, St. Petersburg 1912
A lullaby (Tchaikovsky) 22350
At the ball (Tchaikovsky) 22351
Pine (Tree) (E. I. Bukke) 22352

Gramophone, St. Petersburg 1913
I opened the window (Tchaikovsky) 222234 4987ae
Hide me, stormy night (Dargomyzhsky) 222338 4989 ae
Don’t tell me he died (Rechkunova) 222353 5023ae
How bright, Romance (Rachmaninov) 222352 5024½ae
Sweetly sang the nightingale (Gliere) 222233 4986ae
O God, how beautiful is this cool night (Amani) 222339 5022ae
Eugene Onegin: I love you Olga 222320 18021b
Snegurochka: Bernedey's cavantine 0222012 2872c
I'm again alone (Borodin) 222389 18026b

Artistopia, Kiev 1914/1915
Traviata (Verdi): Parigi, o cara with Maria Kurenko  602
Fust (Gounod): Tardi si fa with Maria Kurenko  603
Fust (Gounod): Salve dimora 604
Pescatori di perle (Bizet):  Mi par d'udire ancora 310
Manon (Massenet): Le reve 311

Mus Trust, Moscow 1929/1930
Grass (Varlamov) 563 15409
Am Meer no. 12 from Schwanengesang (Schubert) 564 15406
Ole from Nordland: Song of The fisherman (M. M. Ippolitov-Ivanov) 702 15409
Eugene Onegin (Tchaikovsky): Whither, whither 0699
Pescatori di perle (Bizet): Mi par d'udire ancora Mus Trust 0569 1929
Rigoletto (Verdi): Questa o quella Mus Trust 701
Cradle song (Mozart) Mus Trust 565 15406
Dubrovsky (Napravnik): O give me oblivion Mus Trust 0570

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