Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers
Forgotten Tenors: Leon Laffitte (2 photos), Richard Kubla, Luigi Marletta and William Miller

Aug 8, 2013

Colin Maillard (Tenor)

In 1891 he appeared at the Opera-Comique in Halevy’s ‘’La Juive’’.

Chronology of some appearances

L'enfance de Roland on Janaury 19, 1895 conint Seguin, Journet, Guignot, Emma Cossira, Lejeune

Princesse d'auberge on February 1899 coint Erard, Eva Romain, Albouy, Bourgeois, Deraud de Saint Pol

I wish to thank Roger Yaeche for providing me this information.


I wish to thank Pierre Maillard for providing me this record

Berliner, Paris -7-00
Mignon (Thomas): Adieu Mignon  32719 1183a

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