Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 5, 2016

Raoul Walter (Tenor) (1865, 16/8, Wien - 1917, 21/8, München)


Son of a famous tenor Gustav Walter (1834-1910), brother of soprano Minna Walter (1863-1901). First he studied jurisprudence and worked short time in the Munich Finanzprokuratur. Then he studied singing under his father and made his debut in 1888 at the Theater in Vienna in as an operetta singer. In 1889 he made his debut at the Municipal Theater in Brünn (Brno) as Lyonel in ‘’Martha’’. In 1891 he joined to the Court Opera of Munich and remained active there up to his death as famed tenor. Here he sang in the following opera premieres: "Zinnober" by Siegmund by Hausegger (1898), "Herzog Wildfang" of Siegfried Wagner (1901), ‘’Le donne curiose’’ by  E. Wolf-Ferrari  as Florindo (27. 11. 1903), ‘’I quattro rusteghi’’ of the same composer (19. 3. 1906). In the 1899-1901 seasons he guested in Russia, among other things appeared at the Court Operas of St. Petersburg and Moscow, also in Liepāja and Jelgava. Other guest performances: Vienna Court  Opera (1894, 1899), Opera House of Frankfurt a. M. (1899-1907), Municipal Theater of Bremen (1894-1901) and Zurich (1896-1897, 1901, 1906), Court Theater of Karlsruhe (1901), Latvian National Opera (1899-1902). If at first he sang the lyric repertoire, later he added to his repertoire Raoul in ‘’Les Huguenots’’, Arnoldo in G. Rossini’s ‘’Wilhelm Tell’’, Manrico in ‘’Il Trovatore’’, Lohengrin, Walther von Stolzing in ‘’Meistersingern’’ and Loge in ‘’Rheingold’’. His daughter Maria Walter married the famous tenor Julius Patzak (1898-1974).

Chronology of some appearances

1888-1891 Vienna Theater
1891-1917 Munich Court Opera
1894 Vienna Court  Opera
1894-1901 Bremen Municipal Theater
1896-1897 Zurich Opera
1899 Vienna Court  Opera
1899-1907 Frankfurt a. M. Opera House
1899-1902 Riga Latvian National Opera
1901 Karlsruhe Court Theater
1901 Zurich Opera
1906 Zurich Opera


G&T, München 1907
Juive (Halévy): Recha, als Gott 042141 218s

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