Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Apr 4, 2016

José Mossesgeld Santiago (Bass/Baritone) (1893-1959)

Under the stage name Jose Santiago-Font he appeared at the opera houses of Italy, South America and the United States. He was the first Filipino singer to perform at the Teatro Alla Scala in Milano. His repertoire included Wotan in ‘’Walkiria’’, Sparafucile in ‘’Rigoletto’’, Oroveso in ‘’Norma’’, Alessio in ‘’Sonnambula’’, Alvise in ‘’Gioconda’’.

Chronology of some appearances

1928 Milano Teatro Alla Scala Rigoletto (Sparafucile)
1933 Bergamo Teatro Donizetti Walkiria (Wotan)
1934 Verona Teatro Filarmonico Baldo (Jacopo)
1935 Barcelona Teatro liceo Rigoletto (Sparafucile)
1935 Venezia Teatro alla Fenice Norma (Oroveso)
1935 Venezia Teatro alla Fenice Baldo (Jacopo)
1935 Catania Teatro Bellini Sonnambula (Alessio)
1935 Venezia Teatro alla Fenice Gioconda (Alvise)
1936 Torino Teatro Regio Tristano e Isotta (re Marke)


Ballo in maschera (Verdi): Eri tu 52021-X 83066
Nena’s Lullaby... Don’t You Go to Zamboanga 2548-X
Carmen (Bizet): Votre toast 52021-X 83065
Traviata (Verdi): Di Provenza 52020-X  83067


  1. He's my great grand father! Thank you!!!

  2. He is my father I have 20 plus records and several playbills from his appearances

    1. Hi Phillip! I actually run the facebook fan page for him and I would love to talk to you about his records and playbills :)