Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers
Forgotten Tenors: Leon Laffitte (2 photos), Richard Kubla, Luigi Marletta and William Miller

Aug 31, 2011

Maria Ivanisi (Soprano)

Of Dalmatian origins she studied with Benedettg Lucignani and made her debut in 1907 at the Theater Minerva at Trieste in ‘’Lucrezia Borgia’’. The same year she sang at the Grande of Brescia in the mondial premiere of ‘’Nadeya’’ of  C. Rossi. She didn't get the hoped success and, thanks to the attractive aspect, she was engaged in the important company of operetta "Caramba." She returned to the opera in 1914 and in 1920 sang at the Teatro Bellini of Catania in the premiere of the new opera "Galatea" of  S. Savasta.

Chronology of some appearances

1907 Trieste Anfiteatro Minerva Lucrezia Borgia (Lucrezia)
1910 Roma Teatro Costanzi Stagione Compagnia Operette Scognamiglio
1912 Buenos Ayres Teatro Coliseo Stagione Compagnia Operette Scognamiglio
1913 Roma Teatro Costanzi    Stagione Compagnia Operette Scognamiglio
1914 Lisbona   Coliseo Recrejos Boheme (Mimî)
1915 Lisbona   Coliseo Recrejos Aida (Aida)
1918 Roma Teatro Costanzi Stagione Compagnia Operette Nazionale
1919 Vicenza   Teatro Eretenio Tosca (Tosca)                        
1920 Catania   Teatro Bellini    Galatea di S.Savasta (Galatea)
1923 Mirandola Teatro Nuovo Tosca (Tosca)


Columbia, Milano 1909?
Tosca (Puccini) Vissi d'arte D 9213 10848
Guarany (Gomez): Sento una forza indomita with Antonio Fassino  D 4306 10850

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