Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 28, 2011

Giuseppe Armanini (Tenor) (Milan 1874 - Milan 1915)

                                                        Enzo in ''Gioconda''

He studied in Milan with Alberto Selva and made his debut in 1898 at the Teatro Argentina in Rome in ‘’Otello’’ as Cassio. In 1902 Armanini made his second debut as first tenor in ‘’Faust’’ at the Teatro Dal Verme. Then he sang with the Castellano Opera Company during European tour. Later he appeared in the Italian opera houses, guested in Lisbon, Moscow and St. Petersburg and travelled around in 1907 South America. In 1911 he made his debut at La Scala in ‘’Il matrimonio segreto’’ of Cimarosa. In 1911 he sang there in ‘’Fior di neve’’ of Filiasi. In 1912 Armanini again appeared at La Scala as Fenton in ‘’Le allegre comari di Windsor’’ of Nicolai, in 1913 he sang at the Teatro Massimo of Palermo as Alfredo in ‘’La Traviata’’. In 1911 he performed at Covent Garden, London. He died at the height of his career, one day after his 41-st birthday.

Chronology of some appearances

1898 Roma Teatro Argentina Otello (Cassio)       
1902 Milano Teatro Dal Verme Faust (Faust)
1903 Nikolaieff Teatro Nazionale Tosca (Cavaradossi)
1904 Alessandria d'Egitto Teatro Alhambra Boheme (Rodolfo)
1905 Vicenza Teatro Eretenio Adriana Lecouvreur (Maurizio)
1906 Pietroburgo Nuovo Conservatorio Gioconda (Enzo)
1907 Oporto Teatro San Joao Fedora (Loris)
1908 Napoli Teatro San Carlo Barbiere di Siviglia (Almaviva)
1909 Pavia Teatro Fraschini Adriana Lecouvreur (Maurizio)
1910 Mantova Teatro Sociale Iris (Osaka)
1911 Milano Teatro La Scala Matrimonio Segreto (Paolino)
1912 Milano Teatro La Scala Le Allegre Comari di Windsor di O.Nicolai (Fenton)
1913 San Francisco Teatro Tivoli Madama Butterfly (Pinkerton)
1914 Teatro Carcano Bastiano e Bastiana di W. A. Mozart (Bastiano)

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