Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Aug 25, 2011

Lucette Korsoff (Soprano) (Genoa 1876 - Brussels 1955)

One of the best french coloratura sopranos of the early 20th century Lucette Korsoff was born in 1876 in Genoa as a daughter of legendary russian baritone Bogomir Korsoff. In 1892 she made her debut in  ''La serva padrona'' of Pergolesi in St. Petersburg. Then she was trained in singing with Frederic Boyer and Rosina Lambord in Paris. In 1913 she took singing lessons from  famous  soprano Teresa Arkel. In 1897 Korsoff sang at the Opera Theatre of Liege, later she appeared in Cairo and Alessandria (1901) with great success in Thoma's ''Amleto''. In 1901 she made her debut at the Opera Theatre of Toulouse. In 1903 Korsoff came for three years to the Opera-Comique of Paris, then in 1906 to the Theatre La Monnaie, Brussels. In 1908 she sang in Algiers, then again from 1908 to 1910 at the Opera-Comique. There she excited in 1909 big sensation in the role of the Konigin of the night in ''Magic flute''. In the 1910-1911 season she again appeared in Brussels, then she travelled around the USA and had in the 1911-1912 season great success at the Opera Theatre of New Orleans, from 1912 to 1913 at the Opera Theatre of Boston, in 1912 she gave several concerts in New York and also guested in the Court Opera of St. Petersburg. In 1913 she repeated study with Teresa Arkel in Milan. In 1914 she guested in London and then appeared in some Italian theaters. In 1918 Korsoff gave a guest performance at the Opera Theatre of Monte Carlo, where she again appeared in 1922 in ''Amadis'' of Massenet. In 1922 she finished her career and then lived as a pedagogue in Paris. One of her pupils was Gina Cigna. Since 1936 she lived in Brussels forgotten by all. She  possessed voice of a warm, heart-felt timbre and a wide range, virtuoso coloratura technique and scenic talent. In her singing it's impossible to feel shocking routine, monotony of intonations and fears for a sound.

Chronology of some appearances

1892 St. Petersburg Opera House
1897 Liege Opera Theatre
1901 Toulouse Opera Theatre 
1903 Paris Opera-Comique
1906 Brussels Theatre La Monnaie


G&T, Paris 1905
Lakme (Delibes): Air des clochettes 33549 4876o

G&T, Paris 1906
Manon (Massenet): Et je sais votre nom with Beyle 34151 5794o
Mireille (Gounod): O Magali with Beyle 34158 5823o
Manon (Massenet): On l'appelle Manon with Beyle 34150 5793o
Traviata (Verdi): Loin de Paris with Beyle 34153 5816o
Traviata (Verdi): Un jour pour charmer ma vie with Beyle 34159  5822o

Zonophone, Paris 1906
Manon (Massenet): N'est-ce plus ma main X-83139
Manon (Massenet): Je marche sur tous les chemins X-83140
Dinorah (Meyerbeer): Ombre legere X-83141
Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Air de la folie X-83144

G&T, Paris 1907
Rigoletto (Verdi): Belle fille with Beyle, Cléry and Dufranne 34016 562i
Traviata (Verdi): Amis, buvons jusqu'a la lie with Beyle 34186 7385o
Pecheurs de perles (Bizet): Ton coeur n'as pas compris with Beyle 34190 5052h
Lucia di Lammermoor (Donizetti): Vers toi toujours with Beyle 34189 5051h
Pecheurs de perles: Dans le ciel sans voiles 33644 7390o
Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Donc je suis celle qu'il aime with Vigneau 034018 570i

Zonophone, Paris 1907
Manon Lescaut (Puccini): L'éclat de rire X-83218

Gramophone, Paris 1908
Manon (Massenet): Je suis encore toute etourdie 33685 5644h
Variations, pt 1 (Proch)  33688 5646h
Manon (Massenet): Obeissons quand leur voix appelle 33691 5733-IIh
Romeo et Juliette (Massenet): Duo de la chambre with Beyle 34194 5748h
Romeo et Juliette (Massenet): Juliette est vivante with Beyle 34195 5749½h
Trovatore (Verdi): Brise d'amour 33697 5849h
Trovatore (Verdi): La nuit calme et serene 33694 5850h
Mignon (Thomas): Je suis Titania 33699 5960h
Noces de Jeannette (Masse): Air du rossignol, pt 1, 033049 605i
Noces de Jeannette (Masse): Air du rossignol pt 2 033050 606i
Manon (Massenet): Et je sais votre nom with Beyle 34198 5735h 

Victor, USA 1908
La valse des roses (Metra) Victor 62750-B
Manon (Massenet): Nous vivrons а Paris with Beyle 45009-B  5750h

Gramophone, Paris 1908-10-15
Trovatore (Verdi): C'est l'ordre que le fils with Danges 034029 867i

Gramophone, Paris 1909-02-08
Indiana, Valse chantee (Marcailhou) 033075 0890v
Manon (Massenet): Duo final, pt 1, pt 2 with Beyle 34043 0892-2v
Manon (Massenet): Duo final, pt 2 with Beyle 34044 0893

Gramophone, Paris 1910-05-23
Diamants de la Couronne (Auber): Variations, pt 1 33756 15814u
Diamants de la Couronne (Auber): Variations, pt 2 33757 15815½u

Gramophone, Paris 1909-11-09
La vague, Valse chantee (Metra) 033085 01229v

Gramophone, Paris 1910-11-30
Traviata (Verdi): Quel trouble 033112 01756v
Traviata (Verdi): Folie, folie 033113 01757v

Gramophone, Paris 1910-12-30
Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Air de Rosine, pt 1 33802 16210u
Barbiere di Siviglia (Rossini): Air de Rosine, pt 2 33803 16211u

Edison, London 1910
Manon Lescaut (Puccini): Eclat de rire 395
Mireille (Gounod): Valse 3209-B

Gramophone, Paris 1911-10-05
Mireille (Gounod): Mon coeur ne peut changer 033132 02102v
Perle du Bresil (David): Charmant oiseau 033135 02103Ѕv

Gramophone, Paris 1911-10-07
Domino Noir (Auber): Flamme vengeresse 033137 02107v

Gramophone, Paris 1911-10-09
Caid (Thomas): Ariette de Virginie 33846 16887u

Gramophone, Paris 1911-10-13
Rigoletto (Verdi): O doux nom 033133  02120v

Gramophone, Paris 1911-10-14
Contes d'Hoffmann (Offenbach): Les oiseaux dans la charmille 33847 16904u

Gramophone, Paris 1913-06-18
Huguenots (Meyerbeer): Nobles Seigneurs 033166 02723v

Gramophone, Paris 1913-06-17
Pecheurs de perles (Bizet): Comme autrefois 033167  02722v

Edison, London 1914
Mireille (Gounod): O legere hirondelle 3209-B

Vocalion, Paris 1921?
Manon (Massenet): Voyons, Manon, plus de regrets C01034F 30058

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