Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Jun 5, 2016

Alma Gluck (Soprano) (Bucarest 11. 5. 1884 † New York 27. 10. 1938)

She been descended from a quite poor Jewish-Roumanian family, her real name was Reba Fiersohn. At the age of six she emigrated with her parents to North America and worked first as a shorthand typist. Since 1906 she studied singing in New York under Alberto Buzzi-Peccia. This education became possible only after she had married in 1906 the New York estate agent Bernard Gluck. She made her debut in 1909 as Sophie in J. Massenet’s ‘’Werther’’ at the New Theatre in New York. At the New York Metropolitan Opera she sang first on 28. 11. 1909 in a concert. One month later she appeared there as Ombre heureuse in ‘’Orpheus’’ of Gluck. Then till 1912 she had a huge success there, above all as a partner of the famous tenor Enrico Caruso in operas like ‘’La Bohème’’, ‘’Pagliacci’’ and ‘’Rigoletto’’. The part of Gilda in ‘’Rigoletto’’ was her last part in this opera house, which she sang at a guest performance of the ensemble in Atlanta on 27. 4. 1912 together with Caruso. In 1913 she went for further studies to Europe and became in Berlin a pupil of Marcella Sembrich. The same year she appeared with great success at Royal Albert Hall and Queen's Hall in London. After her European stay she sang at the Metropolitan Opera only (till 1918) in the Sunday Night Concerts. Nevertheless, practically her career was concluded in 1919 after only ten-year-old activities. In 1925 she gave again (without appreciable success) a concert at the Manhattan Opera House in New York. In 1914 she married the Violinist Ephraim Zimbalist (1889-1979), after she had separated in 1912 from Bernard Gluck. The daughter Marcia Davenport came from the first marriage. Alma Gluck developed later many-sided activities. She founded the American Women's organization and was active in the Musicians Emergency finding and the American Guild of musical Artists. She died after long illness at the age of 52 years. In several recordss she was accompanied by her husband Ephraim Zimbalist.

Chronology of some appearances

Esmeralda 12/2/1909, Sophie 12/21/1909, Gertrude 12/28/1909, Zaubermädchen (Filadelfia) 3/8/1910, Una sacerdotessa 3/10/1910, Amore 12/27/1910, (Filadelfia) Spirit 12/27/1910, Mimì 1/9/1912, Gilda 11/4/1912 (Filadelfia).


Victor, Camden NJ 1911-03-22
Tu! (Habañera) (Fuentes) 64182 B10090

Victor, Camden NJ 1911-04-13
Bohème (Puccini) Donde lieta usci  64225 B10093
Carmen (Bizet) Je dis que rien (Fr) 74245 C10181

Victor, Camden NJ 1911-05-16
From the Land of the Sky Blue Water (Cadman) 64190, B10182
Pagliacci (Leoncavallo) Qual fiamma... Stridono lassù 74238 C10091

Victor, Camden NJ 1911-07-20
Hippolyte et Aricié (Gluck) Rossignols amoureux 74249 C10811
Louise (Charpentier) Depuis le jour 74252 C10812
Sonnambula (Bellini) Ah, non credea mirarti 74263 C10813

Victor, Camden NJ 1912-02-19
Elégie (Massenet) (violin Zimbalist) 87101 B11603
Le Nil (Leroux) (violin Zimbalist) 88358 C11601
Long ago, sweetheart mine (MacDowell) Unpubl. B11602

Victor, Camden NJ 1912-06-10
La Colomba (trad Tuscan) 64277 B12100
Lo, here the gentle lark (Bishop)  64267 B12101
Long ago (MacDowell); A maid sings light (MacDowell)  64268 B12102
Sadko (Rimsky-Korsakov): Chanson hindoue 64269 B12099

Victor, Camden NJ 1913-01-23
Parla! Valzer (Arditi) 74334 C12831
Red, red rose (Cottenet)  64321 B12829

Victor, Camden NJ 1913-01-25
Hänsel und Gretel (Humperdinck) a) Hexenritt (solo Homer), b) Knusperwalzer 87131 B12848
Hänsel und Gretel (Humperdinck) Süsse, liebe Süsse (w. Homer)  88418 C12844

Victor, Camden NJ 1913-03-08
Ave Maria (Gounod) (violin Zimbalist) 88433 C12975

Victor, New York 1913-03-13
 Irish love song (Lang)   64346 B12976

Victor, Camden NJ 1913-12-29
Jocelyn (Godard) Cachés dans cet asile 74369 C14245

Victor, Camden NJ 1913-12-31
La serenata (Tosti)  64399 B14261

 Victor, Camden NJ 1914-03-06
As a beam o'er the face of the waters may glow (Moore) 64415 B14552
Comin' thro' the rye (old Scottish air) 64422 B14555
Sylvelin (Sinding)  64413 B14553
The Braes o' Balquhidder (Scottish air) 64416 B14554

Victor, Camden NJ 1914-03-07
Snegourotchka (Rimsky-Korsakov) Aller au bois (Air de Lehl)  64421 B14548

Victor, Camden NJ 1914-05-20
Passage bird's farewell (Hildach) (w. Homer) 87199 B14849

Victor, Camden NJ 1914-11-13
Carry me back to old Virginny (Bland) (w. male qt) 74420 C15397

Victor, New York 1914-11-15
Timbre d'Argent (Saint-Saëns) Le bonheur est chose légère (violin Zimbalist) 87209 B15387

Victor, Camden NJ 1916-02-14
Semele (Händel) O sleep! Why dost thou leave me  74423 C15398

Victor, New York 1914-11-15
 The Monotone (Cornelius) (violin Zimbalist)  87208 B15392

Victor, Camden NJ 1916-02-14
Tsar's Bride (Rimsky-Korsakov) Liuba-Arie  74383 C14260

Victor, Camden NJ 1916-02-17
Samson et Dalila (Saint-Saëns) Mon coeur s'ouvre à ta voix 64592 B17185
The bird of the wilderness (Horsman) 64591 B17183

Victor, Camden NJ 1916-06-10
Sing me to sleep (Greene) (violin Zimbalist) 88573 C17834

 Victor, Camden NJ 1916-09-26
 Atalanta (Händel) Come beloved  74504 C18501
 Canzonetta (Loewe)  64626 B18502

Victor, Camden NJ 1917-06-25
Chanson Hébraïque (Ravel, arr Pasternack) (violin Zimbalist)  87276 B20086
Romance orientale (Rimsky-Korsakov) (violin Zimbalist)  87287 B20087
Two Folk Songs of Little Russia (arr & violin Zimbalist) 64727 B20089
Will-o-the-Wisp (Spross) Victor  Two Folk Songs of Little Russia (arr & violin Zimbalist)  64727 B20089
Zemire and Azor (Spohr) Rose softly blooming 74543 C20088

 Victor, Camden NJ 1917-06-26
 Dawn (Coleridge-Taylor) 64728 B20091

Victor, Camden NJ 1917-09-18
L'heure exquise (Hahn) 64750 B20675
Theodora (Händel) Angels ever bright and fair 74559 C20679

Victor, Camden NJ 1917-09-19
Silent night, holy night (Gruber) (w. Reimers) 87284 B20683

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