Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Oct 18, 2015

Mercedes Farry (Soprano)

She had a notable career in Spain in major zarzuela and operatic roles (such as Ophelia in Thomas’Hamlet). She made her U.S. debut in 1922 in concert at Aeolian Hall, NYC. One critic indicated that the coloratura arias were “exceedingly well sung” and that “Mme. Farry exhibited coloratura abilities of a high order. Her scales were sung with admirable clarity”.

Chronology of some appearances

1922 U. S. Aeolian Hall Concert


Gramophone, Barcelona 1915-11-12
El Maestro Campanone (Mazza): 63814 19191u
Hijas del Zebedeo (Chapí): Romanza 63815 19192u

Gramophone, Barcelona 1916-01-10
Marina (Arrieta): Por dios with Jose Palet Unpubl. 03090v

Gramophone, Barcelona 16-1-13
Marina (Arrieta): Terceto with Jose Palet and Inocencio Navarro 064127 03093v

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