Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Mar 24, 2014

Rose Ader (Soprano) (Oderberg 1890 – Buenos Aires 1955)

She made her debut in 1915 at Stadttheater of Hamburg, whose member she remained till 1918. In the 1918-19 season she was engaged by the Wiener Staatsoper, but she sang again in the 1920-21 season at the Hamburger Oper and remained a member of this opera house till 1931. Here in 1921 she sang the title role in the German première of Puccini’s ‘’Suor Angelica’’. She made guest appearance in 1922 at the Teatro Costanzi in Roma in the title role in Puccini’s ‘’La Bohème’’. in 1930 she sang at the Théâtre Pigalle in Paris. In 1931 she performed at Covent Garden in ‘’Fledermaus’’ (as Rosalinde). In 1928 and 1930 she appeared in Amsterdam. In the 1928-29 season she perfomed at La Scala, from 1931 to 1938 several times she sang at the Wiener Staatsoper. In 1927 she guested at Staatsoper Dresden. In 1930 she appeared at the Opéra-Comique in Paris (as Mimi). She sang also in Berlin and Munich. In 1930 she gave a recital inCopenhagen. In 1933 she forced to leave Germany and emigrated with her family to Austria, from there she went to Italy where they remained until after the war, at which time she emigrated toArgentina, where she ended her days. She worked as a pedagogue in Buenos Aires. After a marriage she sang under the name Rose Ader-Trigona.

Chronology of some appearances

1915-1918  Hamburg Stadttheater
1918-1919 Wiener Staatsoper
1920-1931 Hamburger Oper
1921 Roma Teatro Costanzi
1930 Paris Théâtre Pigalle


  1. Ader and Puccini were lovers late in his life and it is believed that the role of Liu in Turandot was written with her voice in mind. Puccini's wife Elvira either didn't catch on to this love affair or just didn't care any more, but the liaison was untroubled by any of the jealous uproars she had created earlier in the composer's life.

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  2. Rosa Ader also sang in London as is shown in the archives of the Royal Opera House at the invitation of the King. She married a Sicilian nobleman, Count Trigona, Prince of Calvaruso and they had one son, Count Antonio Trigona who accompanied her on the piano in later life. He had no children of his own and died a few years ago.