Forgotten Opera Singers

Forgotten Opera Singers

Nov 22, 2011

Julien Leprestre (Tenor) (Paris, France 1864 – ? 1909)

He studied at the Paris Conservatory from 1887 to 1890 with Bussine. Debuted in 1890 at the Théâtre des Arts in Rouen ‘’Faust’’ of Gounod. Then he came to the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels; there he appeared in 1892 in the premiere of the opera ‘’Maître Martin’’ of Jean Blockx and in the premières of the operas ‘’Werther’’ of Massenet (1893), ‘’L'Attaque du moulin’’ (1894). In 1894 he debuted at the Paris Opéra-Comique as De Grieux in ‘’Manon’’ of Massenet who mentions him in his memoirs. At the Opéra-Comique he sang on 27. 11. 1897 in the premiere of the opera ‘’Sapho’’ of  Massenet the part of the Jean Gaussin.

1892 Brussels Théâtre de la Monnaie Werther (Werther)
1894 Paris Opéra-Comique Manon (De Grieux)
1897 Paris Opéra-Comique Sapho (Gaussin)



Odeon, Paris 1905-07?
Martha (Flotrow): Lorsqu'à mes yeux 36148 XP1693
Bohème (Puccini): Que cette main est froide 36199
Strophes (Marietti) 36218 XP1730
Le voyage en Chine: La Chine est un pays charmant 36243 XP 2141

Odeon, Paris 1905/1906
Dragons de Villars (Maillart): Ne parle pas 36431 XP2138
Manon (Massenet): Ah, fuyez douce image 36432 XP2139

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